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Our History

We were founded in 2003 and were driven by a vision. The task of realizing the concept started with acquiring land in New York and constructing a structure. Initially, the crown mouldings for our items were made using a hot wire machine, and the profiles were cut from Styrofoam blocks. It became clear that the back was flat and would rest flush on the wall and ceiling due to how the crown moulding was removed.


This made the installation procedure considerably quicker and easier by eliminating the requirement for any complicated compound mitre cuts for corners. Instead, it is cut, just like baseboards are for corners, making it simple for anybody to cut and install, whether they are novices or seasoned professionals.

Even if the business was booming and prospering, there was always the possibility that the ceiling moulding might be improved. Finding a novel method to manufacture the ceiling moldings started with study and brainstorming. With time, a new, somewhat different design and the thought to build the ceiling molding from expanded polystyrene emerged. A novel design that employs fingers or legs off the back to keep it flush on the wall and ceiling simultaneously incorporates the flatback design.


The new design made it possible to install a lighting strip in a trough on the upper rear of the moulding, reflecting light up into the space. With this creative solution, installing indirect lighting is considerably more straightforward. It takes much less time because there is no need to block the area below the moulding store where the lights usually go when using regular crown molding near me. We changed directions in 2013 and began creating and offering the high-density, smooth-face, white polystyrene moulding that is still in demand today.


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